Every Smile Treated Like a Star

At Rising Stars Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on being more than just another dental practice. Our mission is to provide exceptional and personalized care for your child’s dental health needs. We understand that visiting the dentist can be a daunting experience for children, which is why we strive to create a positive and welcoming environment for even our youngest patients.

Positive Vibes, Every Day

From the moment you step into our office, you will be greeted with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Our team is dedicated to creating a positive experience for your child, starting from their first appointment. We believe that maintaining a positive attitude can make all the difference in helping children feel comfortable and at ease during their dental visits.

At Rising Stars, we believe that exceptional customer care is a key component to providing the best dental experience for your child. Our orthodontic and pediatric dentistry teams are highly trained professionals who are passionate about what they do. We strive to make every visit as stress-free as possible for both parents and children, by offering personalized care and addressing any concerns or questions you may have.

Rising Stars Team

Platinum Invisalign Provider

As a Platinum Invisalign provider, we offer our patients a comfortable and discreet alternative to traditional metal braces. Invisalign aligners are custom-made for each patient and are virtually invisible, making them a popular choice among our patients. Our team is trained in the latest techniques for successful Invisalign treatment, ensuring that every smile will be straighter and healthier.

Rising Stars Pediatric staff answering phone